Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April's Give-Away

I love butterflies and I love watching them go from flower to flower tasting the sweet nectar.  When we lived in Connecticut, I had beautiful Buddlejas (butterfly bush) in our yard that attracted especially the Monarch butterflies.  One afternoon, I watched for over an hour while more than 50 came to the bush to feed.  It inspired me to write this...and choose a butterfly patterned fabric for my Apron give-away.

Nature's Lesson 101
I saw a butterfly, flutter by
  in no particular hurry.
Taking its time, I don't know why,
  without a care or worry.

Landing on each petal to take a taste,
  this I know to be true;
Seemingly slow and without haste,
  but from flower to flower it flew.

As peaceful as the day went by,
  I couldn't help but feel sad.
Inevitably a short life for this butterfly,
  without too many days to be had.

And yet, this moment in time I see,
  no matter how short and eluding;
Reminds me to rejoice and be happy
while nature is exuding.

I hope you all are appreciating the beautiful Spring that is unfolding.  Take time to be with the people you love, but moreover, notice the strangers that come into your life.  We're all in this together and really, like the butterfly, we're only here for a short time.  Live, love, and laugh!

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