Friday, July 2, 2010

King Ari

I came to Kentucky a week ago for Ari's 2nd birthday.  It was one of the many promises I made to Kelly before she passed away; an easy promise to make!  Matt (Ari's dad), Erin (Kelly's sister) and myself put together the foundation of the party, but it was the friends and family who made this day special. Also, I particularly want to thank all the beautiful women who made Ari the most wonderful, heartfelt gifts.  They knew Kelly through her blog and were so supportive through this last year, also bestowing on her, handmade ornaments that she displayed throughout her home.

One of the gifts, from Suzanne, whom I now call a dear friend, was a handmade birthday crown.  When it arrived and Ari put it on, he immediately announced "King!"  His dad say, "You're my little Prince," but Ari exclaimed, "No, KING!!"  We laughed and, as you can see, he enjoyed making us laugh.  I know Kelly was there is spirit, enjoying the moment.

I return home tomorrow with more baking to come and June's Give-Away announcement.  Enjoy!


  1. Oh Susan such a handsome King indeed~! He is a brave strong boy. How lovely to have all your family around you Susan. When we have gatherings like these, I feel fed and elated . A safe trip home Susan. I know it must be tough to leave this little King. I look forward to your baking "Julia!"..

    Love you

  2. How I want to squeeze that little King!!!

  3. I know that Kelly is smiling from above at this precious child surrounded with so much love from family and friends.

  4. Such a beautiful child. WOW! What a smile!!

  5. It is so beautiful to see the crown on this little King's head : )
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of Ari Susan, he is precious.

  6. Sweet pictures of King Ari...Kelly would have loved all the homemade gifts and
    the owl cupcakes you made!