Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elegant Almond Jam Tarts...

I really should be in my studio working on some projects for upcoming classes I'll be teaching in November in 3-D floral, but the autumn, rainy day kept me in my kitchen wanting to try a recipe I had received in an email from King Arthur Flour last week.  I bought the new pan they showed with the recipe from the catalogue and it arrived yesterday, so of course, I had to break it in.

The unique pan is a "Lift & Serve Single Squares" tart pan, by ChicagoMetallic bakeware company, that make this tart, not only elegant, but bite size, which has always fascinated me for some reason.  I loved when my mother made tarts in a mini muffin pan when we were kids because she knew it would feel like they were just for us.  However, now as a adult, I still find this size to be most convenient when it comes to serving or eating.  I guess it goes back to my days in catering;  you could sample more things without wasting a crumb :)

In addition to these sweet tarts, I can see making little quiches or fruit pies for our grandchildren to enjoy when we have our tea parties together or just to have in the freezer when I want a little bite of something.

Elegant Almond Jam Tarts

I made the crust in my food processor because I like the way it makes the mixture crumbly, then, adding the wet ingredients, the dough comes together with a few pulses.
I chilled the dough while I made the filling.  When everything was ready, I divided the dough into 24 pieces and pressed the segments into the bottom and up the sides of the pan.

Assemble the tarts as per the directions from King Arthur Flour (click on title to get to the link), then, do as I did--brew a cup of tea, put a couple on a pretty plate and imagine you're have your own tea party.  Enjoy!


  1. Good Grief Susan! Another one to add to my 'to-bake from Susan list" :):):):)

  2. They look delicious Susan, I am glad to hear you enjoyed some time baking! Beautiful Hydrangeas too! xoxo

  3. Perfect for a tea party!