Monday, November 15, 2010

Crafting, not Baking

Last Thursday I flew into Austin to teach my 3-D Floral Classes at ScrappilyEverAfter in Temple, Texas over the weekend and had such fun; introducing my techniques to new crafters and adding new flowers to inspire women who had taken classes from me before.  It was like coming home!  Creating 3-D flowers is something I have been doing since 1997 and as some of you know, have written two books filled with inspirations.

The project that the ladies are working on above was a 6-hour workshop I created to make this wreath.  The class was called Kelly's Garden Wreath and the inspiration came from Kelly's love of flowers and especially gardening.

When I flew to Kentucky in April, before Kelly passed away, I worked on her flower beds she had lovingly planted so when she came home from the hospital the beautiful display of color would be awaiting her.  Kelly passed away at her home on May 14th, but with the help of Hospice she did see her garden, which made her smile.  I wanted to capture this memory in flowers and hold it dear.

On Friday, November 12, when I was teaching, my dear friend Cheryl Fihn, owner of ScrappilyEverAfter and The Punch Bunch, surprised me with a cake for my birthday that was shared by all my students.  So, even though I was away from home for my birthday, I was among friends.  Thank you all for a great weekend that has lifted my spirits and inspired me to create more Paper Gardens.
Back to baking on Tuesday and get ready for some holiday fun.  Enjoy!


  1. Happy belated birthday and welcome to the sixties! :D That looks like a fun class, I'm quite sure I would have learned a lot more from you than I did at the CK Seattle Convention. I'm happy you are safely home and hope to see you soon. :)
    Love, -m

  2. Look at you with a post already!
    Susan! The wreath is absolutely STUNNING! I have not seen anything like it! and I'm 'mad' at you for not telling me it was your birthday!! I will take care of that : ) Sending you lots of love and a big birthday hug to one of my favorite people xoxo

  3. The wreath is beautiful Susan. I don't think my project would have turned out quite so spectacularly. I messed up step one on page one.


  4. Very Happy Birthday to you, a few days late! So glad you had a fun celebration.
    The class looks fantastic! Right up my alley since I love to make things like that. I have seen one of your books, Flower Bouquet, and it is fabulous! I want to get a copy next time I come across it.
    The wreath is truly beautiful! So many kinds of flowers on it!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Susan.Hope you had a day filled with Peace & love.

  6. Happy Birthday and the wreath was gorgeous!

  7. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I'm truly blessed to have such good friends in my life. Love, xoxo

  8. Happy birthday! I am SO not happy about NOT getting to be there!!! Waiting till you come back again so I can play too!