Saturday, February 26, 2011

Last Day with Maddie...

Tomorrow I fly home to Seattle and my husband says it's lightly snowing : ( !  Today, here in New Jersey, we spent the afternoon at the mall and then went out for Mexican food.   Maddie was a little fashion trend-setter with her bunny ears and sun glasses readying herself for Spring.
At the restaurant, we squeezed together for our last photo--(Erin) Mommy, Mimi, and Maddie.  Maddie loved the  mariachi band and did a few la la la's watching the guitar players.  As we left our seats and headed for the door, Maddie (or as we call her, the Greeter) said, "Goodbye everyone, good night music, I have to go see my ladybug."

On a lighter note...we did find yellow sprinkles at Williams-Sonoma for Maddie and Mommy to bake cookies another day.  Next week, I'm planning some interesting treats--stay tuned!


  1. too cute! I'm glad you had a great time in NJ! Hope to see you soon again! ~ Tess

  2. She is a the bunny ears.

  3. Wish you could stay longer. Maddie (and I) cried the whole car trip home from the airport after saying goodbye.