Thursday, April 7, 2011

HOP Muffins

Ari and I love to go to the movies when I visit and we both couldn't wait to see HOP, the newest movie by the creators of Despicable Me (also one of our favorites).  Today, I had an email from King Arthur Flour and this recipe for Cream Cheese Carrot Cake Muffins made us both think of EB leaving carrots all over the house :-D!  These are easy to make and good for you.

We baked on Tuesday--the Mint Stracciatella Pound Cake , but mostly we've been playing baseball and going to the park.
These muffins were the perfect morning meal, full of good ingredients and a surprise cream cheese filling (instead of frosting) in the middle.  Muffin and Milk gave Ari the must needed energy to play in the back yard.  It turned out to be such a beautiful Spring day in Kentucky, that we even planned a picnic outside with peanut butter & Vanilla Pear jam sandwiches, grapes & strawberries, and some juice.

Ari is so aware of his environment...listening to the birds, watching the squirrels play in the trees, and noticing every bug.  Listening to the birds today, he said, "Mimi, they want my lunch."  Which they might have, had Ari not eaten it quickly.

He's really getting into the Spring break concept and I'm loving being here to enjoy it with him. We  mixed up sugar cookie dough to bake tomorrow after seeing Easter cookies in a magazine and it's Pizza Night, so he'll have a chance to make up yeast dough.

The week is going by fast, but full of memories.  Take time to notice this beautiful Spring unfolding. Enjoy!


  1. You are such a great Mimi. Kelly would have loved how you and Ari are spending such a great time together. I miss his rosey little cheeks and sweet smile. These pics are great!

  2. He is just adorable! you are so lucky to be able to visit with your grandbabies.
    stamping sue

  3. Yes Sue--I am lucky to be able to visit my grands...the only thing better would be to live next door : )

  4. Thanks for posting these pictures! Love seeing him grow (and the muffins sound good too).


  5. Look at that sweetie!! I have been wondering how big he has gotten. I am glad you have enjoyed lots of baking with Ari and lots of fun activities on your visit.


  6. We wish you were next door too! Ari is so handsome and lucky to have some spring fun with you!

  7. he is looking older and oh so cute. thank you for the carrot cream cheese recipe sounds perfect for easter morning.

  8. My dear friend~

    Thank you for my morning greeting. I got a push and a shove to start blogging again and I must say I have missed it. Look at your little 'King'. He has grown so big. How wonderful that you have such precious moments together. I have missed you too my friend and look forward to catching up. Are you well? Sending lots of hugs and kisses~

    Love you

  9. Ari looks so adorable in these pictures! I love how he notices everything too, it's so funny and refreshing. Anyway, I was commenting to ask you for the recipe for your strawberry jalapeno jam...I've been eating it randomly out of Matt's fridge and it's the best jam I've ever had! If you wouldn't mind, could you email me at ?

    Thanks, Happy April!