Monday, October 31, 2011

Bewitching Winner...

It's been an unusual Halloween; in all our years living here, we actually had NO children Trick or Treating.  So, I decided to do the Give-Away and after making out a record number of slips for everyone who posted, the winner of the Bewitching Bag is Catherine Aliff.  Catherine, please email me with your mailing info so I can send out the bag ASAP!

Thank you all for your comments.  November's Give-Away will hopefully be up tomorrow with a new month of tempting baking, story sharing, and some gift ideas for the holiday season.  I like this feeling of giving that was inspired by Kelly and may have a few little give-aways throughout the month.  XOXO


  1. Oh honey, sounds like you've had some bad run ins. Calm down now, settle back, and get revved up for a couple of months of baking.



  2. congratulations xx

    hugs my darling always xx