Sunday, March 11, 2012

March's Give-Away Apron with a Riddle

It's an age-old riddle of what came first...the Chicken or the Egg?  And, do you know that scientist have actually studied this and have come up with a definitive answer?  Researchers at the Sheffield and Warwick Universities in Great Britain claim it's the Chicken because a protein, only found in the chicken's ovaries, is necessary for the formation of an egg.  This protein speeds up the development of the hard shell, which is essential for protecting the delicate yolk.

I know a lot about eggs.  My grandparents raised chickens (so does my sister) and my mother told me once she had a pet chicken who was born with no feathers.  They had to keep her inside for fear she'd freeze when the temperatures were low.  I think she called her Inky Dink, but I'll have to defer to my sister to correct me if that's wrong.  I buy about 3 dozen eggs a week to bake with or to eat and although my lovely daughter, Erin would like me to bake Vegan, I just can't bring myself to do without eggs and butter...sorry sweetie.

One of my favorite Sunday brunch recipe is quiche.  Last week I made them individual so I could freeze some for later.
These papers can be purchased through Sur La Table

I cooked some veggie sausage, then mixed up eggs and half & half to pour over them

I baked the individual quiches in a 375F-degree oven for 18-20 minutes

Some roasted red potatoes and cheesy biscuits make a wonderful breakfast for these cold mornings.
As usual, post a comment during this month and your name will be entered in a drawing for this "most happy" apron!  Then, it's on to "Why did the chicken cross the street!"  LOL!!


  1. I make quiche all the time. It never occured to me to make individual ones and freeze them. Love it. What a great idea.

  2. I make what I call egg bakes all the time and I too, never thought to make singles and freeze. guess you can teach ole dogs new tricks. lol!
    stamping sue

  3. Susan, the apron is adorable---you find the greatest fabrics!!
    I love my "chickie girls" and the eggs are wonderful! Thanks for reminding me that I can make individual quiches! Love you.

  4. OH THESE are things I can eat too. I'll just steal them off the plate while Mom and Dad aren't looking!

  5. Darling apron! I love your fabric choices! I have 3 pet chickens that roam my yard every day; 2 hens and a rooster. One hen lays her eggs in the pen, the other has started laying at the top step in the garage. Very handy!
    Great idea to make these and freeze some.

  6. Wonderful fabric. We were just talking about getting chickens. Maybe I'll just make the kids aprons. : )

  7. Yummo! Breakfast at your house sounds great right about now...Happy Sunday, my friend. Enjoy the week!!!

  8. Hello again Susan, I'm amazed to learn that you make and give a away these beautiful aprons every month it seems. I'm so excited to be one of the sister's in the traveling sisterhood and I'm looking forward to sharing in the magic of your apron. I enjoyed reading your post about the apron and the chickens. I agree with the scientists that the chicken came first. I believe God created the animals so it's hands down for the chicken. Several years ago we raised chickens and had fresh eggs every day. But now we find it easier to just buy them at the store. Thanks for making the apron and having the give away that Maggie won. I'm going to check out a few more of your recipes. Have a wonderful day. Joyous Wishes, Linda