Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our hearts are broken...


  1. I can't stop crying about this. My heart is shattered. Remembering more than every to hold those I love as tight as possible, and that includes you, my friend! xoxox

    1. I'm the same way. We lived in Ridgefield, just about 20 minutes from Newtown and I have a really good friend who still lives there. These are small towns and this horrendous act is devastating. I've been so sad and find it hard to prepare for Christmas with this loss. I holding you tightly too, dear friend, XOXO

  2. Too too awful... :( Hugs to all my American friends.

  3. I was in the middle of moving during this horrible tragedy. Our cable/internet/tv was still not connected but when I heard from the radio I was in shock. Still praying for all, not only those directly affected but for this entire generation. There are no words, really.
    Thank you for stopping by, Susan. Wishing you and your loved ones what I've come to value more than anything else...this Christmas and always...PEACE.

  4. Sunday night....Hello my dear Susan....Busy, busy week for all, I'm sure. Thank you for your faithful visits. Love having you stop by and comment, too.

    May your Christmas be filled with love, gentle and happy memories, and FUN! Susan