Friday, March 1, 2013

February's Apron Winner!

Congratulations to Diane at Welcome to Lavender Dreams--You are the winner of the February Apron!  Please email me your address and I will get the apron sent off to you...with love.

I will have the March apron up tomorrow, but I'm a little worn out from being away for work and I'm just trying to catch my breath.  You know that feeling!

Thanks to all who visited the blog last month; the March apron has a special message...stay tuned, XOXO


  1. Oh, how wonderful! It's Diane's anniversary today too!
    Jane x

  2. Yay for Diane! She is a sister of the traveling apron and as Jane said today is her anniversary! A great gift to her!

    big hugs to you Susan for making and sharing these amazing aprons! I love mine soooooo much!


  3. She'll love it! It's her anniversary, too.

  4. Darling apron. Congrats to Diane.

  5. OH MY! I am SO excited! And I see some of my blog buds have been here to be happy for me, too! It's been a MOST special day! I'm so very blessed! Thank you my friend and sis! Sweet hugs!

  6. oh how sweet, lavender dreamer is going to LOVE her new apron made by you susan. mine is a favorite and i reach for it everyday, and i think of you. i hope you get all caught up on your rest!

  7. Hi Susan...Congrats to the winner!
    Thanks so much for your visit and comment to my blog. Love that you are such a faithful follower. Susan

  8. Hello Susan,
    What a lovely bright apron! I do like those rust,orange,yellow combinations and the newspaper theme material.....and the pocket. I guess I just like it all!!!

    Congratulations to Diane....lucky lucky and lucky!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  9. Who gets to eat all of the wonderful cakes you bake? This apples cake looks so moist and delicious I'd eat the whole thing!