Monday, November 11, 2013

Let Us All Remember...


Remembering the men and women who hear the call
to serve this Country one and all;
never allowing our flag to fall.
Sacrificing your lives to preserve our freedom,
and leaving your own loved ones until home you come.

Remembering, not just on this day
but in everything we do and say;
To honor this duty in the most respectful way.
America is so thankful for the time you give
so, in freedom we all shall live.

Today, I remember the service of my Great Grandfather, both of my Grandfather's, Father, Father-in-law, Uncles, Brothers, Brother-in-laws, Nephews and Friends who have unselfishly given their time to protect our freedom.  I also give thanks and honor all those brave men and women I don't know by name~You are all heroes, Thank you.


  1. Well said my friend. I always think of my Dad on this day but also so many others who's name I will never know! I owe them all a debt of gratitude!

  2. I am so humbled and grateful to remember and honor all the brave men and women who protect and defend our freedoms. I am honored to be the proud mother of a son who followed in his grandfather's footsteps and made the US Navy his career. I am proud of our military heritage. Again, thank you to all our heroes.

  3. Hello Susan....We all owe a big debt of gratitude to all the men and women who have fought for the precious freedom we enjoy in our country.

    Also, that sticky bun cake looked fabulous. You are a really terrific baker. Do you eat some of the yummies you make? I would be in big trouble, I think, cuz I'd want to eat wayyyyy too much.

    Nice to see your post. Susan

  4. Thanks, Susan, for honoring all those who fight and have fought for our freedom in this post!

  5. What a long line of distinguished servicemen! Beautiful tribute.