Friday, May 2, 2014

April's Give-Away Apron Winner...

Congratulations to Susan from "Writing Straight from the Heart."  Your name has been chosen for April's Apron!  Please email me your address so I can get this beauty off to you.

April flew by me like the wind and I've just returned home from a work trip, which on top of computer problems this month left for a very lean month of posting--my apologies.  I'm home and will be posting May's apron by the weekend along with some updates on our new home; which by the way, is nearing completion.  It's been a wonderful process to see our dream home come together and with just one more move coming up, I will happily be settled and back to normal...if I remember what that is:-D

Have a happy weekend, everyone, XOXO


  1. Normal will feel so good after all the ups and downs of the last months. Congrats to your winner. She has a beauty!

  2. Another Susan has won!! I feel a pattern (altho my screen name is zAzA my real name is Susan) :) I won a couple months ago!! I keep forgetting to take a pic of the apron in action . This weekend?? perhaps.
    Congrats to Susan......

  3. Congrats to Susan! She will love this pretty apron! Hope you have a good weekend my friend...normal? What's that? heehee! Hugs Sis!

  4. Congratulations,Susan. You will love your apron!
    Jane x

  5. Congrats to Susan!! Glad you are home and can't wait for news on the new house!

  6. That is a beautiful apron. You find the most bright incredible prints!

  7. Congratulations to Susan...another lovely apron! You have been missed...

    1. Thanks Meggie. I never realized this move and all the work would turn me so upside-down! Pretty soon, I'll be back on tract, XOXO

  8. That is one pretty apron ... so Spring! And don't we all deserve a big old break after this past winter! Huzzah!

  9. Congratulations to Susan!
    Happy May to you!

  10. Oh Susan. I've been missing you! I was thrilled to see that I won the apron! WOW WOW WOWSERS. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift that will be.

    Hope you have a good month, dear Susan. Your blog peeps with the same name, Susan

  11. Congrats to Susan for winning the beautiful apron!
    April kind of got away from me too... but great news about your new home! We'll be excited to hear more updates!

  12. Congrats to Susan the lucky winner of your gorgeous handmade Apron.

  13. Congratulations to Susan for winning one of Susan's aprons.
    stamping sue