Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I thought I'd show you all one wall of cookbooks I have, so when I said I'm a cookbookholic, you'll take me seriously. In addition to cookbooks, I also subscribe to about ten cooking magazines and King Arthur Flour Baking Sheet. This morning, I decided to go through the "tear out" recipes I have accumulated, place the ones I really will try in plastic page protectors, then, organize them in the proper catagorized binders. I came across one from BonAppetit magazine for "Blueberry Oat Scones" that answers the question from Erin..."can you use real fruit, instead of dry?" If you would like this recipe, go to to get this recipe. It actually says you can use fresh or frozen blueberries.

In addition to organizing, I'm going to start some rolls that take a day to make because you have to let the "starter" set overnight. The recipe is called"Jersey Hard Rolls" and it's from the Summer 2009, Vol XX/No. 4 King Arthur Flour Baking Sheet. I'll bake them tomorrow.
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  1. Your grandson is on his way to being a baked good fanatic too. I can't walk past any kind of glass cabinet in a market because he knows that's where the baked goods are! He prefers the vegan sweet potato muffins at our local co-op and blueberry muffins from Whole Foods. But he really wants to try your scones when you visit again!

  2. I don't have nearly the number of cookbooks you do, but I can share a tip of how I organized numerous recipe clippings from magazines-enough to fill four 2" binders. Initially I tried to sort them by type but too often a dessert would be on the same page as a pasta dish. So I grabbed a stack of clippings and just started entering the recipe name and type (Dessert, Appetizer, Bread, Veg. etc) into a spreadsheet. I put the pages into plastic three-hole punched sleeves and placed a small sticker on the bottom of the page that I numbered as I went. The spreadsheet allowed me to quickly enter all the info but then later sort it by recipe type and name. Now when I am looking for my favorite "Espresso Chocolate Chip Pound Cake" recipe (; recipe from Cafe Ladro), I simply go to this spreadsheet/index, and find the recipe under "Desserts", Purple Binder, page 23. And within a minute I've got it at my fingertips. By logging in all of my recipes, I also learned how repetitive my clippings had become (do I really need 10 lasagna recipes!)