Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Raspberry Bars

My baking purpose today was to come up with a treat for the dental office we go to. Chuck had an appointment. I first saw this recipe a few years ago on The Food Networks, $40/day with Rachel Ray. She had this bar as an afternoon snack while touring the Hamptons, although, I think anything that has fruit in it qualifies for breakfast food. I bought the book because I love cookbooks from bakeries; I always imagine one day I would own one. Tate's Bake Shop by Kathleen King is filled with wonderful recipes. In addition to these Raspberry Bars, I recommend Double Panut Chocolate Cookies...as Rachel would say "Yumoooo!" There are only six ingredients required for the bars, but she does say, use a good quality jam; I used a jar of raspberry jam I made, which should qualify. The Edge Brownie Pan worked well since this recipe called for a 9-inch pan. After rinsing it in warm, sudsy water and drying it, I buttered the pan. They baked up beautifully and I can't wait to try it again on other recipes.

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