Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ari's Vanilla~Pear Jam

Last year, when I was in Kentucky during Kelly's chemo, I introduced Ari to pears.  It was lunchtime and I gave him a whole pear to eat.
He was fascinated with the stem and I explained to him that it was what attached the pear to the tree.  I said, "the tree holds on to the little pear until it's ready for you to eat...just like you hold your mommy's hand because you're little." 

His love for pears continue and it was a pear he snacked on when he went on a hike with his Mom and Dad in April before Kelly passed away.
So, our sweet little boy, Mimi created this jam for you today to have on your sandwich and think of happy memories of your mama, like I'm doing.

Ari's Vanilla-Pear Jam

About 3 lbs. of pears, I used Bosc (5 pears)
1 pkg. Sure-Jell
1 Tahitian Vanilla Bean, split and the seeds scraped into the pear mixture
5 cups granulated sugar
6 sterilized jars (8 oz.)

Peel and core pears.  I used a pear slicer I actually got from the Pear's Grower Association a few years ago.
I placed the pears in a food processor and pulse it until the mixture was in small pieces (don't puree!) I used a small knife to split the vanilla bean and scrape the seeds into the pears.

Place the pears, Sure-Jell, and the vanilla in a large Dutch Oven.
Bring the mixture to a boil on medium heat.  Remove the vanilla bean pod and stir in the granulated sugar.  Bring the mixture back to a boil and boil hard, stirring constantly for 1 minute.  Turn off heat and ladle into sterilized jars.  Place the lid on and then, screw the ring tightly.  Turn the jar upside down and cover with a towel.  Let sit for 10 minutes, then turn right side up.  You should hear a popping sound if the jars seal.

Pears are not indigenous to the United States; they were brought here by Europeans.  Ari just knows they're good and I can't wait until he tastes this jam. I had mine on the Malted Wheat Flake Bread-- Enjoy!


  1. what a beautiful post susan, and a thoughtful way to connect warm memories into this jam for ari. sending love xo

  2. I love that picture of Ari and Kell. It's the only photo in my wallet. It reminds me of how soft that grey hair of hers was. I can't wait to try this jam :)