Sunday, May 20, 2012

May's Give-Away Apron and April's Winner

By the Peonies
The peonies bloom, white and pink.
And inside each, as in a fragrant bowl,
A swarm of tiny beetles have their conversation,
For the flower is given to them as their home.

Mother stands by the peony bed,
Reaches for one bloom, opens its petals,
And looks for a long time into peony lands,
Where one short instant equals a whole year.

Then lets the flower go. And what she thinks
She repeats aloud to the children and herself.
The wind sways the green leaves gently
And speckles of light flick across their faces.

The charms of the ordinariness soothe the threat of anxiety.

Czeslaw Milosz
(30 June 1911~14 August 2004)

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers and so for this month's apron, I found this beautiful fabric displaying bouquets of peonies that I wanted to share.
I know my love of this flower comes from my grandma Gladys, who gave me a piece of her prized peony when we moved into our first home and taught me lessons of gardening.  I still have that peony and it has traveled all over the country in every garden that I've planted.
Unfortunately, with our cool Spring, the blooms have not come out
Across the country in Virginia at my Sister's home, her's have!
To enter for a chance to win this month's apron, all you need to do is post a comment.  I know it's already the 20th and I'm really behind--all comments this month are counted!

Also, I'd like to mention I heard from Jodi in regards to the April's Apron.  She requested that I choose another name since she has so many aprons already--which I'm happy to do.
Congratulations to Allison Preiss!  Please email me your address so I can get this spring-time apron off to you.

Lastly, just in case you hadn't heard or been keeping up with...The March Apron Give Away which was sent to Meggie on the Prairie became a "traveling apron" by her inspiration.  She calls it "The Sisterhood of the Apron" and every two weeks, it is sent on to another member of our blogging community.  It's first "visit" was with Elaine of Pear Tree Log blog in Lincolnshire, England and now, Elaine has passed it on to Scarlet of Tales from Beyond the Nook blog.  I'm so honored that an apron, which inspired me to begin blogging, is part of a greater memory.  Thank you, Meggie; I can't wait to read about the adventures this Give Away goes on and the "strings" it creates among the sisterhood.



  1. Thankyou Susan for being the person who so generously gave the apron to Meggie in March.I am so looking forward to it arriving with me in Lancashire so that it can weave its magic.Your aprons are so beautiful, I can't wait to see the Traveling Susan apron close up.

    1. I can't wait either to see what you bake with the apron--it's all quite exciting!

    2. ...and Scarlet, you are now entered to win May's apron!

    3. It has arrived and it is beautiful. I have spent a long time just looking at it and enjoying the connection that it has brought. It is amazing to think that you and Meggie and Elaine have all held it in your hands, and that it has already travelled many miles. Its magic in Lancashire has begun.
      I'm very excited to have been entered to win May's apron!

  2. You have so many generous readers! I'm afraid I would be selfish and enjoy every minute of it. :)

  3. Hello my dear friend....The apron is indeed traveling. It is now in it's 4th kitchen. Magic is in the air! I love the new peony apron...tan and pink, two of my favorite colors. Beautiful poem by Milosz.

  4. Hi Susan! I am so behind on my blog reading this week :) Thank you so much for the apron - if you haven't already mailed it out, I would like you to choose another winnner :) I have already had the pleasure of being the recipent of one of your beautiful aprons so it only seems fair that someone else has a chance too! :) Allison

    1. Oh my, this is turning out to be the "apron that can't find a home!" Not to worry, I put more names in the bag and the winner is Sue from Munchkin Munchies blog! I hope to send April's apron on soon:-D

    2. Susan, Just to let you know I received the apron! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Hi Susan, I'm so excited! THANKS so much! For some reason(on my end), I can't seem to access your email address, so here's mine:

    If you'd kindly send me an email, I will email you with my address:)

    Thanks again!