Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ta Da!! The Winner of May's Give-Away Apron...

This apron goes to Ashleigh!   Please email me your address and this apron will be "winging" it's way to you.  Thank you all for commenting this month, as always, I love the feedback and the conversations:-D  June's apron will be up shortly...promise!

It's been a long and somewhat difficult month for so many reasons.  However, I'm blessed to be part of this community of bloggers and moreover, to have found connections of friendships, which I am truly thankful for--the "strings" that binds us!

Love, Susan XOXO


  1. Hello Susan....If course I'm partial to the traveling apron, but I do love the fabric and colors of your May apron. Contratulations to Ashleigh! Sending my love to you, Susan, my friend.

  2. Oooops...typo, Susan....should have been "Of" not If. What's a few mistakes between friends!

    1. Meggie...I loved this one too--I'm partial to peonies! However, June's apron will be pretty special too and I have something I'm sending you...because we are friends<3

  3. I've now had the pleasure of wearing one of your aprons thanks to Meggie's generosity, and it was a very special experience. Congratulations to Ashleigh on winning the beautiful peony apron!

  4. Congratulations Ashleigh! The 'strings' which bind us are certainly woven into these aprons, they span the world and enfold us all with their love and connection.

  5. dear susan, i've thought of you often in this month and sending you hugs, love and much light. your apron is beautiful and i am sure will make the lucky winner ashleigh so happy!
    xxx lori

  6. How exciting!!! I'm so excited to be the lucky winner of this beautiful apron! I'm so sorry it's been a hard month for you, and the fact that you're taking the time to send me a gift makes me feel really special! I will treasure it! Thank-you!

    My email is: