Sunday, January 10, 2010


Originating from Denmark, these light, puffy, sphere-shaped pancakes are the perfect treat for breakfast, snacking or as an accompaniment to your dinner entree. They require just a few ingredients, that you probably have on-hand; flour, eggs, butter, milk, a little sugar and baking powder, however deciding on the filling is half the fun. This morning I had a little raspberry jam left (from a previous baking experience) and opened a jar of my blueberry jam to fill these little delicacies. My daughter, Kelly, gave me my ebelskiver pan a few years ago for Mother's Day, but recently I came across...yes, you guessed it, a book devoted to Ebelskivers by Kevin Crafts. The author not only serves up a delightful array of sweet pancakes, but adds a chapter on savory: ebelskivers, crab cake style, smoked salmon & dill ebelskivers, etc. Truly an inspiration to make for your family and the perfect kid-friendly breakfast, as well as a show-stopping hors d'oeuvre or entree accompaniment. As the author says..."the possibilities are endless! View recipe, courtesy of Williams-Sonoma, where you can also purchase the pan.
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  1. I just recently was wondering what skivers were!! Thank you for the info :) I love the new look of the blog!

  2. Hmm..didn't I buy you this pan? And yet, I've never had one of these delicacies? Does that seem fair to you?

  3. I promise to bake up batches when you, Ari,& Matt come to visit when we move.

  4. Plus, it's just such a fun word to say aloud: Ebelskivers. Ebelskivers. Ebelskivers!

  5. Be careful, If you tap your heels while saying it, you may end up in OZ!


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