Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taking Time to Enjoy my Garden...

I love to bake, but today was one of those beautiful days in the 70s, sun shining and clear, so I took a walk around our home this afternoon to enjoy the blooms in my garden.  I have peonies that I have missed because of being away, first, with the tragic loss of our daughter Kelly and last week babysitting our granddaughter, Maddie.  One grouping of peony is actually from my grandmother's garden that I have transplanted in every home we've lived in the last 42 years.

I just needed to spend some time with nature and contemplate the beauty around me.  Enjoy!

Thank you for taking a walk with me; wasn't it peaceful!


  1. Seeing your garden made me very happy Susan!
    Yes, it truly was a peaceful walk, my garden is where I find peace too.
    I love that you and I both bring our plants with us : )
    Such beautiful blooms! xoxo

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! I, too, find peace in my garden. The perennials are truly a gift from God, coming back each year to give color and beauty to our yards and so much enjoyment to us.

  3. Your garden is gorgeous! I loved the 'time-out' to take a stroll with you through all the beautiful blossoms.

  4. Molly~It's funny you used the words "time-out!" You are really getting into the Mommy thing :)Susan

  5. Susan, your flowers are lovely! I love flowers myself; they bring such joy and beauty!

  6. Tess~They are truly Nature's gift to us and we just need to take the time and enjoy! Love, Susan