Sunday, September 12, 2010

September's Give-Away & The Legend of the Kitchen Witch

Not all witches scheme to give the beautiful girl the poisonous apple!  "For centuries, Norwegians have hung a good witch in their kitchen.  They believe she has the power to keep roasts from burning, pots from boiling over, and sauces from spilling."

There's some discussion over where the first kitchen witch originated; some claim Norway and others say Germany, but the consensus seems to agree it stems from older European customs.

The Kitchen Witch inspires productivity and safety in the home, but at the same time counteracts any ill-will directed to the home.  Years ago, my sister Barbara, needlepointed one for Mom and it hung as a guardian in her kitchen.  In our recollection, my mother never burned anything, but we shared a chuckle that it didn't keep her from adding ground cloves, instead of chili powder, in a pot of chili she cooked for my Dad, brother-in-law, and brother to eat after chopping wood one day!
 Cruella (the good)

So, if you'd like to be in a drawing at the end of the month for the September's Kitchen Witch Apron, all you have to do is comment on the posts for the month of September.  I believe that it's good luck to give a Kitchen Witch (apron) to a friend or family member and I'll be happy to send this along to the lucky recipient.  Enjoy!


  1. I truly believe in the Legend of the Kitchen Witch, however her powers are limited-----she knows nothing about Bundt pans!!!!

  2. I forgot to tell you how much I loved the apron!! It is so adorable---great job!!

  3. Love the apron! Love the witch too and really need to get one if she really prevents spills and burnt pans. I could tell stories on myself, but won't!!
    Glad Barb commented on the Bundt pan because I was not allowed to mention it!

  4. Barb~Maybe she does...she got me to send you a larger one so it wouldn't happen again. LOL

  5. Hi Susan, I love the story about the Kitchen Witch - especially the part where your mother mistook cloves for chili powder. I'll bet that was some strange tasting chili!:D It proves that even great cooks sometimes make mistakes. Halloween is my second favorite holiday and I would love to have your adorable Kitchen Witch apron to hang in my kitchen.
    Love & hugs, -mary

  6. Hi Susan, I love kitchen witches and this is my first time to leave a comment here even though I've been coming here and visit you through Guusje's appletart. I would love the kitchen witch's super !!

  7. Thank you Dina~Maybe I'll just have to get some elves together and make Kitchen Witch aprons for everyone :)

  8. I asked Dick if he remembered the "cloves in the chili" and he said "yes, we all had smoke coming out of our ears!" But they all agreed "that it was just the way they liked it!" And in fairness to the "Kitchen Witch", she really wasn't to blame for the Bundt incident---I must take full responsibility!! (And by the way, Sis, I love my new bigger, better Bundt pan!! Thank you again!!)

  9. Love the apron! Great fabrics! I think I need a kitchen witch in my house! :) I have had a few mishaps that she might have helped to prevent....

  10. Susan, :) that would be great :)

    by the way ..... I'm so enjoying going through your posts and reading your reciepes ;) brilliant.


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