Saturday, December 1, 2012

November's Give-Away Winner

Congratulations Lori ann - you are the (lucky) winner of November's apron.  Please email me your address so I can get this off to you asap! 

It was quite a month of comments and took awhile to write all the names to be drawn, but I am thankful that each one of you takes the time to drop in.  I will have December's apron up shortly; I've gotten a little behind with a stomach virus that my hubby brought home from a family wedding he attended:-(  I wasn't able to go (because of work) and still got a present--yuck!

In the meantime, our granddaughter, Maddie turned 4 years old on the 29th and I wanted to share a few photos of the precious gift we received when she came into our lives.
Maddie's 4th Birthday! 
Maddie's a part of our family!
Always in fashion and loves Pringles...
...and hats!
Lots of personality!
For those of you that have grands, I know you understand how much they bring into our lives, passing our memories to a new generation.  We love you Maddie, XOXO


  1. Congrats to the winner of the Nov apron! Oh yes the Grands bring so much love and joy into our lives! Hope you feel better soon!

    hugs, Linda

  2. oh how exciting!! thank you so very much susan. i hope a little of your baking magic will be in it, my family would be thrilled if i could bake half as well as you! :)
    happy birthday maddie! darling photos! xox lori

  3. Happy Birthday to Maddie! Hope you're feeling better soon Susan, and congratulations to Lori ann.

  4. Oh my, stomach bugs,they are horrid.
    Glad that you are feeling better. Congrats Lori ann, and Happy Birthday Miss Maddie!
    Jane x

  5. Happy Birthday, sweet Maddie!
    Congratulations to your Nov. winner!

  6. YUMMM YUMMMM - Oh these cookies look amazing! And it is hard to believe Maddie is 4 - she acts like she is 24!

  7. I have been blessed with granddaughters so I know what fun and joyfulness they bring. Your little Maddie is adorable!

  8. Happy Birthday to Maddie! I know how you feel about your grands--I feel the same way--nothing like it! Get well soon--sorry you have been ill! xoxo ♥
    Martha Ellen

  9. I have a granddaughter who will turn two. It is amazing what joy she brings into my life. I know your grandchildren do also. You make such beautiful aprons. Congratulations to the winner.

  10. Great photos! She is adorable. You are so creative.

  11. What a precious little birthday girl! We are blessed with 5 grandsons...and ONE granddaughter! They sure are sweet, all of them! Congrats to Lori Ann! She'll have a Merry Christmas!