Monday, December 1, 2014

November's Apron Winner ~ December's Give-Away Apron

Hold on to your hats...this doesn't happen very often with me; November's Apron Winner is Amanda from Crafty in the Med.  Please email me your information and this lovely apron (which I really love) is on its way to you.

Now, drum roll please...Here is December's Give-Away Apron all festive and ready to put you in the spirit of the holiday.
If there was a flower that exemplified the holidays, Poinsettias would be it.  The plants originated in Mexico and in fact, the Aztecs used it to produce a red dye and as an antipyrectic medication.  I look forward to seeing the beautiful displays of Poinsettias each year in nurseries; the colors are exquisite.

If you would like to win this month's apron, comment on any of the posts I do over the next four weeks and you could be wearing this for the holidays.

On a lighter note, I probably won't attempt a tree this year with our new additions and their antics, but gee, aren't they cute!
Harper, Zuzu, and Clara


  1. I'm in love with the three kitties but yes a tree is probably not the best idea this year! Love the Christmas apron! Love Poinsettia's but don't have any in the house since they are poisonous and Charlie loves to eat house plants. Enjoy December my friend.

  2. Linda, contrary to belief, poinsettias are not poisonous.

  3. Love your new apron. So festive. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Love the apron and the kitties!

  5. My first sighting of a poinsettia was in Kenya..a HUGE bush, unlike the wee ones we get here.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitties!
    Jane x

  6. awww...kitties love Christmas kitty is very hyper, but calms down and loves to sleep near the tree.

  7. Meow meow :-)) They are so sweet. I too have 3 at home...2 of them don't get along and o man..I get nervous even when they are just playing because it usually develop into a fight.
    Beautiful aprons, Susan.

  8. Your aprons just keep better Susan! I so loved wearing mine over Thanksgiving! The kitties are so adorable....darling photo! I can't wait to see what lucious bakery items are on the menu this month! Hugs!!!

  9. Oh!WOW!!! What a lovely surprise!!! Thank you and Thank you!!!! I'm off to send you my address pronto so I'll not dawdle!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

    1. Sent yesterday...and it's definitely one of my favorites; it was hard to let it go, but I knew it chose the right person, XOXO

  10. Many Congrats to the winner. I am saving the October apron I was lucky enough to win to wear on Christmas Day!


  11. congratulations to Nov. apron winner.
    the december apron looks beautiful!
    stamping sue

  12. I got a bang out of your three kitties leisurely sprawled on the dining room table. My three cats ignore the dining room table until I put a clean table cloth on it--then it becomes irresistible. But what really gets their attention is when I start wrapping Christmas gifts. They are into everything!

  13. Splendid apron! So perfect for the Holidays! Your new critters are so cute!

  14. I just love your three cuties... and your aprons!

  15. Your kitties are adorable! And, just like Coco, I see they love the dining room table! The aprons are delightful! I am partial to poinsettia designs and agree that they are absolutely gorgeous flowers and so festive!

  16. LOVE your three kitties!!!! Love their names too!!!