Tuesday, June 9, 2015

HoJo's Coconut Cake, May's Apron-Giveaway Winner, and June's Giveaway Apron

If you're not afraid to date yourself...who remembers Howard Johnson's?  I do and was happy to see a story about this iconic restaurant on King Arthur's blog "Flourish" this past Sunday--http://www.kingarthurflour.com/blog/2015/06/02/american-baking-decades-1950-1959/.  From the early 50s to the 70s, travelers knew this restaurant well.  I remember the grilled hot dogs in butter, fried clams, and of course, the ice cream and cakes.  This Coconut Cake is one of my favorites and like the author, PJ Hamil of KAF, I've had a love affair with coconut since I was a kid.  I was anxious to make their version with the only difference is that I topped the lovely frosting with toasted coconut instead of the flaked.   
You can click on the link and read the entire story and get the recipe.  The cake is similar to a pound cake, but moister and the hints of extra coconut flavor in the batter and coconut milk powder in the frosting made this my new favorite cake. Enjoy!

It was another crazy month, but let's get to the Give-Away for May...Congratulations to Mary at The Last Act blog!
To claim your apron, please send me your email address and I will be happy to send it to you.

Next, yes, I've done an apron for June. A month that honors my brother Joe, who passed away in 1969 at the age of 14 and my Grandma Gladys, who taught me so much about gardening.  This apron has the cheerful colors of summer and actually leans towards the tropical feeling. 
If you would like to win this bright apron (perfect for preparing picnics!), all you need to do is post a comment. Good luck!


  1. Anything with coconut has got to be DELICIOUS! Beautiful apron, Susan, and you are so right, it's perfect for the picnic season.

  2. I love coconut. Cake, ice cream, yogurt... Yum! Love the apron. So summery.

  3. I read that article and enjoyed it immensely. It made me want to make some great New England style hot dog rolls. PJ Hamel covers a lot of ground in her articles. The cake does sound yummy, The new apron looks darling and congrats to your winner. I do believe that you sew Blogdom together!

  4. Oh yes, Susan, I do remember HoJo's---a frequent stop along the way for many a trip. Coconut is one of my favorites and my Daddy's. I always tried to make him a treat using coconut. I'm going over to read the article. xo ♥

  5. Susan, I do love coconut cake! This looks so good. Pretty June apron, well they are all pretty but the bright flowers are very happy!

  6. I do, I do, I do remember HoJo! Mmmmmm can taste the fried clam strips and coconut cake!
    congrats to May apron winner.
    stamping sue

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