Monday, April 2, 2012


I would have posted this yesterday, but I didn't want to confuse anyone with the day--April Fools. So congratulations to Meggie!  Your name was chosen for the March Give-Away apron.  Contact me with your mailing address and this "Riddle" apron will be sent asap:-D

Thank you all for your lovely comments.  April's apron will be up shortly and another month of delicious recipes and memories.  Enjoy!


  1. YOU are AMAZING!

    Sending a warm hug to you,


  2. Congratulations to Meggie!! You are going to love your new apron!
    Martha Ellen

  3. Wow....could I be the Meggie that has won this beautiful apron? You can contact me at

  4. Congrats to Meggie! Susan how you come up with those wonderful print combinations is beyond me. That is so cute. I want you to know I use your apron almost every day. You make lives richer!

  5. Hi Dear Susan, My blogging friend Meggie, showed your very nice blog and I said her that Your blog was a treasure for me. As I always want to learn different recipes and world kitchen. Thank you very much and nice to meet you..

  6. What a fun and great idea!! So glad I found you in Blogland!