Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Most of you who follow my blog have known that our daughter, Kelly,was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.  In the last few weeks, Kelly's liver has been failing and we have traveled to Kentucky to be with her.  Last night, she was transferred to Norton Hospital in Louisville, KY, where we hope for a miracle.  She is in good spirits and remains positive throughout this ordeal.  Please forgive my absense in not providing any new recipes and ideas, I will begin again when Kelly is home.  Love to all, Susan


  1. Much Love and light Susan. I am thinking of Kelly and you as her Mom. May her healing be miraculous. XX

    Warm warm blessing

  2. We all look forward to both of you returning home.
    With all my love, Nicole

  3. lots of healing energy coming kelly's way. found you via nicole's post. i have been holding kelly in my thoughts and prayers and wanted to send you some love, too. can't imagine all that you are carrying mama! anticipating kelly's return home, rae

  4. Thank you dear friends. We all feel the love and prayers you have been sending. Our hope stays strong.

  5. Dear Susan,
    you and Kelly and the rest of your family are in my heart and prayers. I have been thinking of you both much over the past few days and send all my love your way.
    Blessings to you all!

  6. Just "stumbled" upon your blog--enjoyed perusing your recipes - Praying with you that your daughter's health will be restored.

  7. sending love and light and healing prayers for your family, and most especially kelly.

  8. Kelly is still in the hospital, but her spirit remains strong. We're hoping for she will be home this week if her numbers (billirubin) comes down. Thank you all for your love, prayers, and gentle thoughts. We're truly blessed, love, Susan

  9. Your family is in my thoughts daily.

  10. There hasn't been a day that I have not held Kelly in my thoughts and prayers. Please know we are thinking of all of you and sending you a myriad of blessings. Take care and let us know if you need anything at all.

  11. We visited with Kelly yesterday afternoon and even took her outside for some fresh air. She said it felt so good to be in the sunshine. Her sodium is beginning to fall into normal range, but her bilirubin continues to climb! Please keep the prayers coming...we feel the warmth!

  12. Sending lots of love and healing thoughts to two extremely amazing mothers!! (You and Kelly of course!)


  13. Yesterday we brought Kelly home where she wanted to be. Her organs are failing and there is nothing more the doctors can do. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. Kelly is a strong woman and tells me this is going to be okay...I'm trying to believe her. Love, Susan

  14. There are no words... Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Dear Susan, I'm truly sorry to hear about your loss. All our love and light for you and your family.
    A warm hug from The Netherlands,
    Guusje Wannet

  16. Susan,

    I heard about Kelly through Nicole (gardenmama). I just want to tell you how sorry I am to hear of your loss. From what I have read of your blog and of Kelly's blog, Kelly was a vibrant, energetic and loving mother and wife.

    Even though I don't know you or Kelly, I am very saddened to hear of this news.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    With sympathy,

  17. Kelly died peacefully at home on Friday, May 14th with us. My heart aches, but I'm in awe with all your prayers and thoughts for our family during this time. Her life centered around her sweet little boy, her husband, and our family, but she valued friends and respected everyone for who they were. I wish I had given her an apron string when she got married, as my mother had done for me, but I think she always knew I had a hard time letting go of her. She spoke her last words to me before slipping into a coma hoping to ease my pain...I hope eventually it will. Love, Susan

  18. Susan,

    I had the honor of knowing Kelly in graduate school at CSU. I will miss her. Love to her, to you, and to Matt and Ari.

  19. Susan, I was honored to be with you and Chuck this past weekend. Kelly will always be in my memory as beautiful, strong willed and so very kind. I wish she were here to share being an aunt to Maddie together; she and I were so excited about that prospect. She loved all of you immensely; she will live on in her adorable son, Ari. May you find peace in the coming months ahead, comforted by her words to you, remembering the special times you had together. I am praying for our whole family. Love, Tess

  20. Susan, It was wonderful to celebrate Kelly's life with you, Chuck, Erin, Matt, Ari, Madison, and her family of friends. She had more influence on me than any one before or after. Not a moment goes by that I do not think of her (silly thoughts, memories, laughs we shared - I still have so much to say to her - so I've been walking around talking to myself :)). Thank you for having such a wonderful daughter. Before we left for Lexington I submitted my recipe column in that mountain bike magazine I told you about. I included a recipe of Kelly's from college and dedicated it to her. I will send you a copy of the magazine when it comes out.
    Sending lots of love
    PS I LOVE your blog!!


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