Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For the Birds...

This post has absolutely nothing to do with baking...except it was because of baking that I seem to have attracted a very interesting bird to our yard this afternoon.  I can't find my bird books (must be packed away when we were going to sell our home after Kelly passed away) and was wondering if anyone recognizes this beautiful specimen.

There were four that came to eat some of the "day-old" bread after my trio of crows had their fill.  It seemed to be a feeding frenzy at lunch time with even two hummingbirds hitting the "Fuschia Buffet!"  I had Nut Hatches and Scarlet Finches, along with some Wrens, but these beauties really caught my eye.  Besides their unusual color, they seemed to "flutter" rather than fly from my deck to the trees:-) When they wings were open, the white was really predominant also, the beak is white and there was the characteristic "hood" over their eyes, somewhat like an eagle has.

Anyone know what they are?  Hint--We live in the Pacific Northwest if that helps!


  1. The beak suggests a Grosbeak of some sort...sorry I don't know the birds in your area.
    Jane x

    1. My sister just called me and said the same thing--Evening Grosbeak. Thank you. I've never seen one and they were quite fascinating looking. XOXO

  2. How beautiful! And it does look like a Grosbeak but I've never seen one with these many distinct colors! WOW!

  3. Wish I could help but I see other ladies have helped you! I only know about hummingbirds :)

  4. Beautiful! I've no idea what they are but I'm glad to have caught a glimpse of them thanks to you.

  5. that's so cool susan, i've never see an evening grosbeak! what a lucky sighting!

  6. Nice! I couldn't find my bird book either, so Googled Evening Grosbeak--lots of photos and info.

  7. I have never seen these over here..they are beautiful.
    My bird book must be somewhere in the cellar ;-(
    p.s working on the doughnut post ;-)
    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Susan.

  8. sorry my bird booka packed as well it alovely bird

  9. Evening Grosbeak! i used to see them when we lived in BC. Here we get Rose-breasted Grosbeaks which are also wonderful. Enjoy!

  10. There you go - the above person knew the answer. I love watching and feeding the birds....I often joke with my husband that in the cycle of life we have now arrived that this....feeding the squirrels and birds. Every morning the bluejays and bluebirds come up as soon as they see me coming out the back door in my bathrobe.